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As EatRightLife has grown, we’ve understood the need to create partnerships with brands who products we recommend. Today, we are proud to introduce our new service offering: The EatRightLife Supplement Dispensary by Thorne.


Thorne is now the official supplier of our general supplements pharmacy. We want to pass the benefit of healthy living on to our clients. As a bonus, all clients of ERL will receive a 10-20% discount on all Thorne supplements in our ERL Dispensary.
Even if you’re not a client of ours, you can still visit the ERL Supplement Dispensary and buy the highest quality supplements available on the market today.


Quality. Thorne has a 30 year history of researching, sourcing, and establishing an unrivaled development practice in the US Supplement industry. Thorne’s internal quality practice tests for harmful or unnecessary ingredients to ensure that their products are clean. All incoming ingredients for their products are quarantines and tested for over 750 unique elements and allergens. Thorne is the ONLY supplement dispensary in the US to partner with the Mayo Clinic and is the chosen partner of several US National Sporting teams.

Thorne’s dedication to quality has resulted in full compliance of the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Thorne received an A1 rating from Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration, widely recognized as the toughest regulatory agency in the world. Only a handful of U.S. companies have achieved certification, and Thorne is the first U.S. nutritional supplement company to be fully certified.

Finally, Thorne has an NSF Certified facility and manufactures more than 30 NSF Certified for Sport® products which gives athletes complete confidence in Thorne products. Thorne serves as an exclusive nutritional supplement provider for  12 U.S. National Teams making their product quality meet international competition purity and quality standards.


So why Thorne? Quality. Plain and simple. We recommend only the best and highest quality to our clients and friends.

What Products Do you Stock in the ERL Dispensary?

Right now we have about 27 products in our dispensary and are adding more weekly. Interested in a supplement you don’t see? Contact us.

How do I get a discount?

Simple, Contact Us! Anybody that contacts us and sets up a free 15 minute consultation will entered into our dispensary system and will be recommended supplements for your particular dietary needs. If you purchase any program, you get an even BIGGER discount. FOR LIFE!


Founded in 1984 by Al and Kelly Czap, Thorne Research is a company that was created out of the need for better, higher-quality alternative medicine solutions. Tired of all the medications that hindered rather than helped the health of users, the Czap’s wanted something better, so they created it themselves. Starting with their first product, Pure Ascorbic Acid, the couple created a company dedicated to the health and wellness of its users, a dedication that still exists in the company today.


In the past 30 years, Thorne Research has continued to work to enhance the lives of its customers. Using the best ingredients to make the most effective natural supplements, Thorne Research has been able to provide nutritional supplements that actually work, without putting user’s health at risk. All the products sold by Thorne Research are based on innovative and deeply researched evidence. Over the decades, Thorne Research has added technology platforms that aided in propelling the company into the modern age.

So don’t wait, visit the ERL Dispensary at Thorne and Contact Us today for your consultation to get your discount to the best supplements in the market!

Shop Now at the ERL Dispensary by Thorne
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