Diet, nutrition, and behavior are 80% of  weight and overall health and wellness,

Whereas, exercise is only 20%!

ERL knows how to adjust your diet to suit your active and busy lifestyle!  As summer begins, whether you want to gain muscle and weight, or lose 5 or 35 pounds, we can help you get on the right track!


Many people exercise but don’t see the changes they desire.

Do you currently pay for a gym membership? Do you own lots of workout clothes?

Have you ever hired a fitness trainer?

Why haven’t you hired a nutritionist for weightloss yet?!

Now through June 15th, 2018

In just 7 days of recording what you eat along with a thorough health assessment, our chef/nutritionist will tell you how to eat specifically for your body!

You will receive an evaluation of your current lifestyle and diet so you can make some real changes in your life! Whatever your goals, you will be armed with the ability to take control of your diet and health with your new way of eating.  To get you on the path to success, your meal plan kickstarts your efforts with custom made RECIPES designed specifically for you.

Mention this special and receive all this for only $149!  (regularly $250)

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