Tori Nakano, NS, PC

Owner of EatRightLife, Nutrition Specialist and Professional Chef

Tori grew up in beautiful Colorado where she was on the high school gymnastics team at the age of 10.  At the same time, she was able to take skiing as a gym credit throughout school and worked hard to compete in downhill events.  After a life altering ski accident, where she had to have both of her shoulders reconstructed, her interest in physical therapy and conditioning began to take shape.  After finishing high school in Flagstaff, Arizona where she also worked weekends at the Arizona Snowbowl, she took up and began honing her snowboarding skills and found herself surrounded by the snowboard and skateboarding culture.  Throughout, she found that fitness and sports were an essential part of her overall general happiness.

After running a successful property management company, she realized that there was a lack of creativity and physical movement in what she was doing.  She found herself going down a path of developing a long and accomplished professional career as a restaurant owner, an executive chef, and culinary instructor.  Since 2014, Tori is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, an Ordained Minister & spiritual counselor, certified Reiki master, meditation teacher, fitness instructor, and is CPR First Aid certified (by the American Red Cross).

At age 22, Tori had an early start in her career where she co-owned her first restaurant.  Wanting to learn more about the food, Tori went on to work as a sous chef at Fairfield Country Club in Flagstaff, Arizona. She was quickly promoted to the Executive Chef position.  At the young age of 24, Tori went on to become the Assistant Food and Beverage Director at the prestigious Forest Highlands Golf Club.  She later moved to Scottsdale where she would further her skills and study the culinary arts in fine dining – working with such accomplished chefs as James Beard Award winner Chef Alessandro Stratta and the talented Chef Christopher Gross.

After a stint in Boulder, Colorado to open a Cajun restaurant (Red Fish) as their Sous Chef, Tori became a new mom. Moving forward a year or so later, she co-opened and ran a successful catering company in the Hudson River Valley of upstate New York.

As many parents do, Tori introduced and enrolled her son in little league football, soccer, martial arts, and whatever he found interest in.  Without any suggestions and also a slight push not to,  at around age ten she found her son only wanting to practice skateboarding!

While raising her son in Las Vegas, Tori became the Culinary Director at Creative Cooking School and then the Executive Chef at Whole Foods in Las Vegas.  Then, one day she found out that the only indoor skateboard park (SkateCity) was closing after many years, so Tori decided to save it from closing and bought it!

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Here, Tori and her son (who she was now homeschooling) as well as a handful of local skaters helped to redesign and rebuild the park to bring it up to date.  She started a local skate team and held competitions, fundraisers, events, instructional classes for children with autism, and taught beginners up to intermediate skaters.  She worked to bring the local skate community together as well as providing many at-risk kids a safe place to go to.

After keeping the park open for two years, sadly, she found it hard to pay the bills and decided to sell it. Soon after selling the skatepark, Tori concentrated again on her career in food.  She became a Culinary Instructor at Sur la Table (Summerlin) and has spent the past handful of years consulting and working with people that want to change their health through diet, nutrition, exercise and mindfulness. She also works as a consultant with small local food companies helping them start and grow their businesses. Tori has many other talents – born out of the knowledge she gained owning businesses throughout the years. She also works as an account manager with her partner Chris in his web development business. Her main focus however,  is helping regular people as well as athletes find success they might not otherwise find by focusing on new cutting edge research and updated nutrition information, physical fitness techniques and mindfulness.

As an accomplished and well known chef, Chef Tori has appeared on two Food Network shows, Cutthroat Kitchen and Guy’s Grocery Games.

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Why should I work with Chef Tori ?

Chef Tori is professionally qualified in food preparation, food knowledge, culinary wisdom and techniques that very few in this country have. No one has such a background in food who is also a nutritionist. After becoming a certified NTP, Tori felt that her role needed to be different than what everyone else was doing. Her background gave her more depth and knowledge when it came to anything food related. Tori’s role as a Nutrition Specialist is to evaluate and assess her clients habits and schedules regarding eating in order to make nutritional recommendations to balance body chemistry and achieve optimal wellness. She is well equipped to guide her clients along their journey to self sustainability, through education and good choices and being able to create food that actually tastes good!

There are many who are calling themselves “health coaches” in our world today. They tout themselves as authorities and experts because of something they did or became more knowledgeable about for themselves. It worked out well for them somehow in the end and now they want to help others by selling their new knowledge. They are essentially giving nutritional recommendations and sending you recipes that they take off the internet and calling them their own. The scary part is that most of these people have no real education or even professional experience in what they are selling. At EatRightLife we believe that there is most likely an inherent good behind their actions, but we know that their personal and unique experience is just that – theirs and not yours. We help you find what works for you because everyone is different and unique.

Chef Tori has worked at AAA Five Diamond and Forbes Five Star resorts and restaurants studying under renowned chefs such as James Beard winners Chef Alessandro Stratta and Chef Christopher Gross and other celebrated chefs.

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