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What We Do:

We support and assist in bringing balance and equilibrium to our clients overall physical health, fitness and emotional well being.  We begin by recognizing what we obtained along the way about our current beliefs and knowledge about nutrition, health and food.  We address the areas of life that may influence how we live with food and ways to take reasonable steps to make changes that have positive effects to our overall health.  Pathways we explore include – our relationship with time and money; our breadth of knowledge, our familial and social environments; our habits and tendencies; and gaining a better understanding of the core self -which includes identity, self-efficacy, and self-value.



Solutions & Real Results:

Eating real and nourishing food is not only delicious but it is essential for day-to-day performance and a healthy life.  So often it is the missing piece in obtaining an all around healthy lifestyle.

Exercise, nutrition and lifestyle information is everywhere these days, but what really works? Professional Chef and Nutritional Specialist Tori Nakano provides education and information based in science, but also keeps a firm grip on your practical reality so that implementing changes in your life will actually work and stay with you for life.

Our Nutritional Programs:


Our most affordable service and great to get a sense of just where you're at.


Take one week of your life and change your body and eating habits with a detailed assessment and action plan for your goals!

4 Weeks To A Healthier Life

Choose this plan if you are looking for a little more support and a bit more education than our 7 Day Challenge!

8 Weeks For Strategic Physical Development

This program is designed specifically for specialized individual athlete support and anyone with an active lifestyle!

12 Weeks to Transformation

This plan is specifically designed to support our clients who have new or on-going health issues.

Other Services:


Join Chef Tori’s as her Sous Chef. She gives step by step instruction in your own private kitchen with your own pots and pans. You will learn the nights meal preparation, cooking tips and techniques, skills and much more! She might even boss you around a little.

Culinary Consultant

With more than twenty years experience in upscale food service establishments, customer service, retail, catering, events, promotion, and more…Tori’s skills, knowledge and education encompass all aspects of business startup and management.

For Gyms & Studios

We are experts in nutrition so you don’t have to be. Offer your members the premium benefits of customized counseling without burdening the current staff with another responsibility.  Tori works one on one to provide the missing piece in most work out routines.

What People Are Saying about EATRIGHTLIFE:

  • I decided it was time to make a big life change in my eating habits. We all know the basics of eating right but what I really needed were realistic solutions that fit my lifestyle. Tori took a big picture approach of my health and lifestyle and offered practical solutions as opposed to simply giving cookie cutter diet advice. She has shown me a much better way to eat and created an eating regimen that works for me. My body has never felt better! She has helped me take the stress out of eating and I actually enjoy food MORE now following her recommendations than my previous anything goes approach. If you are serious about making a change in your eating, I highly suggest you invest in her counseling!

    Randy Wooten
    Randy Wooten Huntington Pawn/ Owner
  • I've been an athlete for a long time and my mom has always told me how important it is to eat healthy and well balanced.  If you are thinking about making a change and living a more healthy lifestyle I can guarantee your body will respond and thank you!  Your body is a machine and Tori can show you how to fuel it up properly!

    Enzo Cautela
    Enzo Cautela Athlete/Skateboarder
  • I feel very fortunate to have worked with Tori on my nutritional plan. I was having a few minor health issues and just felt that my diet was the root of the problems. Through a very detailed question-and-answer process she discovered what I was eating, what I like to eat and ultimately what would be the most beneficial nutrition plan for my lifestyle. (I purposely didn’t say diet here because I never felt like the meal plan she developed for me was going on a diet.) She cut out the foods that were harmful replaced them with ones that are beneficial and showed me how to prepare the right portions for sensible meals. She also supplied me with a ton of recipes using the ingredients that were recommended for me. It was an incredible process and I’m very grateful that I now know not only what to eat but how to prepare healthy meals that are super tasty. Since I made the change to my eating habits I’ve had more energy, felt better and the health issues I was originally concerned with have gone away!

    Jeff Jewett
    Jeff Jewett CA Productions
  • I had the great pleasure of working with Tori on my nutrition and health objectives. I found when it comes to health and especially nutrition, I really needed to work with someone whom I felt completely comfortable and with whom I trusted implicitly. And, I found this in Tori. She is compassionate and extremely knowledgeable in her field. I provided an “honest” food diary to Tori without feeling any shame or fear of being judged. She made me so comfortable. And her recommendations for me were thorough and very detailed. She provided such great resources for food alternatives, supplements, and tips and tricks to increase hydration, reduce caffeine intake, etc. I was thrilled when I received the comprehensive assessment from Tori, which included recipes, shopping lists, and meal plans. Tori is the real deal when it comes to nutrition know-how!

    Rene Brookbank
    Rene Brookbank Beach Beauty Bar / Owner
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